Announcing the Perissodactyla Conservation Symposium and Fundraiser

Perissodactyla or odd-toed ungulates are a fascinating order of mammals that includes all species of horses (zebras, wild asses and domestic), rhinos and tapirs.  Once widely distributed throughout the world, many of these species are now threatened with extinction. The goal of the PCS is to heighten awareness and promote conservation action by bringing together species champions from all three major extant wild groups of these incredible animals (and their domestic relatives).

Never before have so many conservationists, researchers and veterinary experts gathered to share new findings, identify priorities and develop funding strategies for saving the wild relatives of the horse.  What better place to have this conference than in the equine epicenter of West Palm Beach (Wellington, FL.) and away from the northern winter weather! More importantly it is a unique opportunity to meet and network with colleagues that will grow into friendships, which lead to collaborative initiatives in order to save some of the most iconic wildlife species on the planet.

The four-day program will include an opening Icebreaker, keynote addresses, conservation science sessions on rhinos, tapirs and wild horses, an equine and wild perissodactyla training/behavior wet lab, and a special VIP visit to Lion Country Safari to meet some white rhinos up close and personal.  Near the conclusion of the conference will be a spectacular fundraising gala with silent and live auction items.

All proceeds from this symposium and fundraiser will be donated to specific conservation programs for of some of the most endangered species of rhinos and tapirs.  

For more information and conference registration rates visit the conference website at 

Endorsements and Sponsorships (TBD)

The Perissodactyla Conservation Symposium is endorsed and supported by many global and international organizations, including the International Rhino Foundation (IRF), IUCN Tapir Specialist Group (TSG), Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) and the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians (AAZV).  

We also hope to obtain support/sponsorship from other organizations such as the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP), United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), Merck Animal Health Partners, the University of Florida and Mazuri Exotic Animal Nutrition.


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