Saving the Wild Relatives of the Horse

Perissodactyla is the taxonomic order that includes horses (and other equids) and also rhinos and tapirs. Of the 16 wild Perissodactyla species, 13 are currently threatened with extinction.

We believe that by fostering education and dialogue between zoo and wildlife conservation professionals and the equestrian community, we can have a significant positive impact on the long term survival of the closest wild relatives of the horse and the ecosystems that sustain them. Exchange of information, ideas, and experience between the zoo/wildlife community and equestrian community would be mutually beneficial to both, in better understanding and caring for the animals under their charge. This connection would also generate much needed funding for conservation.

In order to do this, we are putting together an educational symposium and fundraiser, ie. “Perissodactyla Conservation Symposium and Fundraiser”, to be held in West Palm Beach, FL, Feb. 25-8, 2019. With our positions as respected members of the equestrian and/or zoo/wildlife communities, we can attract much needed attention to this critical cause.

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